Lynn Herrick, Ed.D.
Umatilla, FL

In the early 1970ís I began exploring a variety of art mediums.  I started with charcoals, moved on to acrylics, photography, pottery, basketry, and fused glass.  However, my current passion for oils and the representation of Florida landscapes came with my introduction to the history of the Highwaymen artists.  In the past few years I have studied with R.L. Lewis, Jr., one of the original Highwaymen painters.

I have lived in Florida for over 50 years and am both inspired and disturbed by the rivers, lakes, swamps, and beaches that continue to ebb from our consciousness.  Some of my paintings depict particular places while others combine the essence of several settings.  While my colors are often vibrant, reflecting the intensity of the subject, other paintings are simply in black and white.  This creates an entirely different and more reflective feeling of the landscape.  The Florida I attempt to capture is disappearing exponentially with rampant development and I am dedicated to preserving this vanishing landscape in my own artistic way.

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Last Update:8/21/2013